Shapeways as Self-Care

Look what arrived today! Our very own @Hyperbun in pendant format ❤

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As a small way of providing myself with solace and a feeling that I could help somehow in the face of unending assaults on humanity, I started creating 3D-printed jewelry that people can buy on Shapeways and support causes that I care about.

It was inspired initially by reading a news story about SaveABunny, a local organization that had just rescued 40 small white bunnies from a Craigslist ad "for meat or pets".

Soon after, my friend Caroline's wonderful rabbit, Elliot the giant fluffy white hyperbun, passed away suddenly. He was like a mascot for the Stockholm Makerspace. So, I traced a wonderful photo she posted of him, and turned it into a silver pendant whose proceeds would go to SaveABunny.

I plan to expand the project with designs for others as well, giving them their own copies of each item, as beautiful gifts that give (a little) more.

I gave a talk on this at the Hackaday Unconference in SF, March 18, 2017.

My second @shapeways print: art deco double-midi ring in raw brass, modeled by Neil. A bit big on me; a reminder to put gaps in the rings next time.

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